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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 12, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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ryan. 44% say it was the vice president joe biden. that's within the sampling t is a dead late -- it is a dead heat. next week the presidential debate. back to you. >> thank you for that. we're a few minutes from 5:00. we have to get a check of the forecast. people making plans and they involve being outdoors. >> it does. being outdoors means going to the bus stop for the kids. manage sure you bundle them up. we will see clearing skies. as we go into the afternoon the kids coming home, temperature at 64. we will see that mixture of sun and clouds. a cool afternoon and all this will be courtesy of the front that's slicing through the area. if you are heading out to the game, here is the forecast for you, 58. it will be breezy under clear skies. let's get a check of the time
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saver traffic with lauren cook. >> i have my rally bat ready to go for tonight. they can pull off another win against the yankees. it was incredible last night. as you head out on 95 right now. there are no delays at 195. it will remain clear as you head to dc. if you're heading north, this is what it looks like at 395. no delays whatsoever. it will be an easy ride getting to the tunnel. we take a look at drive times 695 going to be in great shape. there are no delays from parkville all the way to towson. the west side will remain clear. you are looking at that typical ride now on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. that's a look at your time saver traffic. charlie to you. coming up at 5:00, same-sex marriage debate conditions here -- continues here. and find out what members are doing to get their message out. popular children's show but now the characters are adult
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favorites. how mitt romney's reference to big bird is boosting halloween sales. that's in a bit.
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health officials say 13 cases are being linked to the spinal steroid injection for back pain. 170 people across 11 states have contracted the potentially deadly infection. one person in maryland has died. symptoms include headache, fever, dizziness, nausea, weakness or numbness and pain. only people who received the steroid injects are thought to be at risk. well, my dog had a nervous breakdown or my bird bit me. these are the reasons that people call in sick from work. we'll have a few others when we start.
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remembering five lives after a testify stating fire. and the vice presidential candidates on the stump. what you need to know following the debate from kentucky. and there will be baseball in new york. orioles force a game 5 in the al. if you are waking up, it was a late night. 13 innings. the o's now force that game 5. who is happy? who is happy? >> me. good morning. we'll tell you about the os and what is here. lauren has a check of the traffic. a lot this weekend and weather is important. >> a lot going on. it will be gorgeous today. we have a front coming through. we'll stay dry but it is cold
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outside. >> really. >> can you hit that high note? >> and maybe later. 39 degrees you need the coat out there this morning. even as you head into -- out, they will stay below average as we go into the afternoon. and think goodness the winds are calm. we did not want to add insult to injury. it will be breezy. be prepared for that. the powerful radar is nice and dry. you do not need the radar or into the weekend. and what the planner looks like make sure you have your coat. let's get a check of traffic. >> it will be chilly for the runners. and the marathon will shut down
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many roads starting at midnight a complete list of closure goes to if you are heading out to 695, here is a look outside at liberty. everything is moving along, no delays now, traveling the outer loop from 795 to 95. and inner loop will remain clear. the rest will be clear from parkville to towson. this is a 11 minute ride up to 83. for those using 95 in white marsh, no delay as typical ride right now down to the beltway. that's a look at traffic. charlie over to you. 5:02. wipe your eyes, fix you're coffee and get through the work day. there is business to attend to. after a series game 4 and the improbable season. the orioles needed extra innings to force a game 5. each scored the middle innings one
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each and not until the 13th. that's when the rookie led off the inning and jj hardy and he was due a double over the head of suzuki giving the os the lead and it was up to the closer. there you can see the line and who else to catch the final out. erasing the heartbreak and retiring the yankees and securing the win for the win or go home game 5 from new york. here is buck after the game. >> and anything worth accomplishing comes with prices to pay. and something that you didn't work for or deserve t didn't mean as much. when you get you acquire something, you accomplish something that you work for, it means that much more. >> keep that going. the fans, they are pumped. let's go to new york with jamie and christian for more from the fans in the big apple.
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>> reporter: and good morning, maryland, jamie and christian here. we were side by side watching this. unbelievable the fans were something. the yankees fans were leaving. >> they were leaving before the game was over even though they had gotten to jim johnson the earlier night. they were streaming out to the exits. >> remember the big sign that was over the orioles bugout t made its way to the stadium. it was inside. we talked with the fans. listen to this reaction after this one. >> i'm shaking. >> i cannot wait. >> we didn't think it went to game 5. we knew we had to do it. today was the day. >> we did it. we're excited. yes. >> the fans are going nuts now. >> the yankees fans were holding heads and hands out of the stadium. >> no way did they think game 5. >> they did not want to come
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back for this, they were cold, tired, frustrated. they didn't score any runs t was a rough night. don't you feel bad for them. >> and first pitch is at 5:07. game 5 the winner goes to detroit. what a prize that is. good morning, maryland! >> a quick note to them, you may be calling the bullpen but all hands on deck for game 5 -- like they mentioned. you may want to take a sick day or get out of work early because you have to get in front of the tv f you cannot be in new york to root on the orioles. and now the other birds here, the ravens, they are heading home taking on the cowboys. the ravens beat the chiefs last sunday without scoring a single touchdown t was a battle of the kickers. and it reminds you of the super bowl season. they lead the afc-north with a 4-1 record. cowboys are 2-2. kickoff is set
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for sunday at 1:00. well unemployment, the attack on the mission and iran's nuclear program. there are plenty of topics to cover in the debate between the vice president and paul ryan. but this morning everyone is talking about joe biden's facial expressions. take a look. >> with all due respect that's a bunch of malarky. >> why is that? >> this is not accurate. here is the deal. >> what does that mean a bunch of stuff. >> it is inaccurate. >> it is irish. >> we call it mull archy. >> okay. >> i think the vice president very well knows the word does not come out of your mouth the right way. [ laughter ] >> i say what i mean. >> now this is the one and only vice presidential debate. the president and mitt romney meet for the second debate coming up tuesday.
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it is 5:06. five people dead, among them four children t is a house fire we brought you yesterday on good morning maryland. and we go to the story and the community came together last night remembering the lives lost. >> yes, charlie, they came together to comfort one another after that early morning fire killed a grandmother. there is a makeshift memorial and flowers to remember the victims. last night a vigil was held in front of the home. classmates from the elementary school crowded the sidewalk and mothers comforting mothers. children comforting children. investigators still do not know what caused the fire t started yesterday morning around 2:00. several people were inside that home and managed to escape but five did not make it out. the community is remembering the good times with the fire victims. >> at the end of the day she was late for the bus. i asked her why she said i had
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to get my bag then she gave me a hug. she said i loved you, i said i love you, too. that was the last time i saw her. >> now investigators say there were smoke detectors in the home. they were not sure if they were working properly. and two men will be sentence ford killing a man at the mall during the shopping season. he was shot outside last december. william ward and frank bill yam -- williams will go before a judge. they face life in prison without parole. >> man accused of attempting to assassinate the president will be in court today. oscar hernandez fired shots at the white house. and have you lost a pet, would you give much up to give it back? maybe so. one man said he will give you anything but his and the reward
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now being offered. get ready for runners to take over baltimore. i'm linda so. the running festival kicks off tomorrow. why this year will be unlike any other. and ending the week on a chilly note. 35 in your if the cold weather sticks around through the weekend. and it may be cold but there are no delays here on i- 70 west of the beltway. how traffic is shaping up this morning.
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12 minutes after the hour f you lost your pet, how far would you go to bring it home. a man said he is willing to sell his house for a reward to bring back his lab. charlie parker was out mowing the lawn when he came back inside his dog was gone. park ser now offering a $50,000 reward to anyone who brings his dog home safely. >> we had him for five years. i got all those memories.
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we want another day. another week, another month. he said he is not willing to give up his wife. >> all things being equal that is good to know. >> you can have my house, 5 0000 but not my wife. >> i guess i would do anything for my dog, too. >> velvet. >> let's talk about the weather this morning, we're dealing with the chilly temperatures. there to come as you look at the satellite and radar. we see showers to the north and west we will not see that as we go through the day a front athletes going to work in here but we're dealing with chilly temperatures this morning. check out churchville, 43 and westminster at 48. 40 in frederick and coming at 46. and along the eastern shore 43 and in the 30s. this is the weather pattern
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today. this what we're working with. we're waiting for the front to move in across the area. once it does so. we're going to get another shot of cold air as we go through time. we have patty and that is going to head towards cuba. stay away from us. i know it is late in the season. but the hurricane season is not over until november 30th. we could be seeing tropical storms. the future trend not picking up today. a few clouds will move in ahead of that front lots of plans and at 64. we have a freeze watch and for the areas here. shaded in the purple color. so, know that the temperatures are going to drop. we look at the temperature on sunday and we're looking at 70. the ravens game will be stellar. here is a check of the time
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saver traffic. >> and great weather for the marathon. and the race will shut down many roads throughout the city. the race starts at 8:00 but some of the closures will start at midnight. others the majority do start at 6 a.m. and for a list of the closure goes to therere are no delays on 95 downtown now. everything up to speed through the tunnel and you from using the beltway as we check in and take a look at the northwest corner here and traffic is moving along. no delays we heed down to 95. and this is the expressway looks like. traffic no concerns whatsoever. that will remain the case as we get on to the jfx and that's a look at the abc 2 time saver traffic. and lace up the sneakers and hit the ground running. the running festival kicks off this weekend. and linda so has a preview. linda this race draws in
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thousands each year from what we're hearing this is a record. >> reporter: they're going to break a record this year, 27,000 runners they expect. it is the biggest event. we're here in front of the stadium. this is the finish line here. the tents set up. they're ready for the race. and thank you for joining us. >> good morning, thank you for coming out here this crazy time of the year. >> you are breaking records, we have 27,000. we started out at 6000 01. and we'll be represented by someone from all 50 states and 24 countries t is a major -- it is a major event. >> tons of people will be here. you pump a lot of money into the city, too. >> we have a third party doing a projection. it will be 30 and 35 million in business for the community.
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we're proud of the fact that we're going to raise 1 million for local charities as well. >> the first prize is huge. >> the first prize is $25,000 for the winning male and 25,000 for the female. one of our kenyans, that is a lot of money in their country. >> that's great. >> you have orange poking through but you are encouraging them to do something tomorrow in light of everything going on. >> it is a crazy, crazy magical time of the year with the orioles and ravens and cowboys. we're encouraging our runners to run in orange or purple. everyone gets that baltimore flavor here in town. >> we're going to setons of people here. when does it start. >> it starts at 8:00 with our marathon right outside of the pub. stay there from the orioles game. they will not close up. and have a good time out there. celebrate the win and come out and cheer on the marathoners if they go on the course.
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>> awesome, thank you as always. you are good to us. 27,000 runners, they expect it will be huge. we will be here tomorrow. and cover it as well and we'll have more on the baltimore running festival coming up in 30 minutes. we're live in downtown baltimore. >> we're just about 12 hours away if game 5 in new york between the orioles and the yankees. you may need an excuse to skip work but don't have a good reason. and grab a pen, we have suggestions for you. we'll take a look at the creative excuses that people turn in when they don't want to go into work. big bird is in big demand. what you need to spend to dress up like a sesame street character in some of the costumes.
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i cannot come to work because my dog is having a nervous breakdown. i'm having my dead grand mother dug up for an investigation. they are real excuses people have used to get out of work this according to a survey. now if you are thinking of
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playing hookey think twice. 30% of employers checked up by calling or requiring a doctor's note if they were not coming in. kids are picking out costumes f they want to be original tell them to avoid big bird. he is back. the money pets and a surge in popularity for halloween all thinks to the governor. and since romney mentioned the character during the first debate orders have been flying in. the price for the costumes between 40 and $100 but the store owners expect them to rise because of the demand. and a message this morning for women with breast canser who want children. don't give up. how this woman has started a family after going through surgery and radiation. her story ahead. 14 people across the country have died from a form of meningitis. the concerns for people exposed here in maryland. we are dry right now. we have showers to the north
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and the south. as they make their way in here for the weekend. that's coming up. and everything is on 95 and route 152. how traffic is shaping up on the beltway and 83 on good morning, maryland.
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it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message.
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and there is new hope for women with breast cancer hoping to have a family a woman in texas was able to freeze her eggs and six years after her diagnosis she is three months pregnant. she did the process right before she started chemo and once the tumor was gone, her doctors told her to wait five years before having a family. >> it is emotional, it has been a long journey, we're grateful to be where we are today. >> she wants to send a message to others who may be going through a similar procedure. there is hope for starting a family after treatment. in nine days we will be out running for breast cancer. and komen race for the cure. we have a sponsor of the event. there is time for to you get
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involved. you can log on and we have a link at pink. and a community is coming to one student's help. raising money for a family to pay for medical expenses. and a school has a very hard time in class. who would not when you see this. more about why the kids decided to skip recess and stay in class. good morning, topping money, you have to watch the bank fees a study of a dozen banks say that many are still not being clear about checking account fees and are increasing charges for basic services on the accounts. a cash strapped postal service is increasing rates on january 27th and first class stamps that will go up to 46- cents. the post office will lose a record 15 billion this year.
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and it may be a hassle but you have a better chance of getting where you are going on time. new numbers show that between january and august airlines have a on time arrival rate the best in 18 years. canceled flights drop. get ready for a look at wendies. this is in the face and familiar red pig tails and girl now a update. that's america's money.
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we have coverage following thursday's fire in northeast baltimore. how a community finds ways to


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